The cost of repair is considerably less than the cost of replacement. Not only that, but the added cost of replacing plumbing fixtures, tile walls, wallboard, pipes, tile floors, and sub-flooring, all of which are damaged during the removal of your bathtub. Our process you can reduce the cost and time of remodeling significantly!

Residential Repairs

There is not project too small

The specialists at Armour have extensive training in the repair of steel, acrylic, fiberglass  or man made  marble and with on site colour matching, will return the damaged area to a like new appearance.  

Soft Tub Bottoms

Tubs can develop SOFT or cracked bottoms with age and may force you to look at buying a new tub.  This costly option can be avoided with the repair techniques used by our team.   We can reinforce the damaged areas and install a fibre pad inlay to fix the problem and prevent it from happening again for many years. A fiber pad inlay will not only restore the tub to a  stronger than new condition but it should also last the lifetime of the tub. Samples of tubs done with this method can be seen in the photo gallery.

Commercial Repairs

Attention hotel owners and the trades

There is no project too BIG

Serving businesses across the country the Armour group of re-finishers can eliminate the need to ever change a tub again.  Whether it's a 10 unit motel or a 1,000 unit 5 star hotel, bathtub /shower units can be restored to a like new appearance right on site. 

Over the last 35 + years Armour has restored many steel, acrylic and fiberglass units to their like new condition at a fraction of the cost to replace. Tubs that where thought to be irreparable have been fully restored saving thousands of dollars.  If  you need a quality slip resistant coating applied to the tub floors that doesn't need to be applied over and over again, that’s one of our specialties.  Armour also can remove or refinish bath tub liners that have failed to perform or have issues.