Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How long does it take to refinish a bathtub or tile?

Usually 3 ½ to 4 hours. All work is done with no harm to surrounding area and there is no mess to clean up.

Q:  What can I do to get the shine back on my tub?

If you have tried to clean your tub with normal household cleaners and the tub is still dull or dirty in appearance, there is nothing you can do to restore the shine. Over time soap etches into the finish of your tub leaving it dull and hard to clean. Having your tub refinished is the solution.

Q:  How do I take care of my tub after I have it refinished?

Using non-abrasive liquid cleaners and non-abrasive cloths/sponges.

Q:  Do I need to do anything before the Armour Technician arrives?

We ask that you remove all personal items, and shower curtains from the bath area. Shower doors should be removed unless otherwise arranged with our company. Ensure the drain is not clogged, and that there are no leaky faucets. If possible leaky faucets should be fixed prior to refinishing.

Q: Why the need for lead protection in older tubs, tiles & sinks?

A low cost lead detection kit can be purchased at most hardware stores, and since most plumbing fixtures prior to 1995 are known to have a lead oxide impurities problem, a test is a good idea. A re-glazing of Armour-Bond™ will solve that problem while restoring the beauty.

Q:  Do you offer volume discounts to contractors?

Yes, and actually, we offer volume discounts to all commercial customers that require our services on a consistent basis.

Q:  What type of warranty is on work performed by ArmourPC?

We provide a 6 year warranty.

Q:  How long before the bathtub or tile can be used again?

The bathtub can be used in 48 hours or 12-24 hours with our special fast cure system.

Q:  Do I need to replace my tub because it is damaged with chips and scratches?

Armour Bathtub Refinishing can repair your damaged tub or you can choose to have it refinished.

Q:  How long will the finish last?

When following the care guidelines, your new surface will last for 15-20 years.

Q:  My tub is another colour, can you refinish it in white?

White is the most popular colour customers request.  We can refinish your tub in just about any colour you can think of.

Q:  Why shouldn't I just buy a new bathtub or change my tile?

The cost of refinishing is considerably less than the cost of replacing plumbing fixtures, tile walls, wallboard, pipes, tile floors and sub-flooring, all of which are damaged during the removal of your bathtub. With our refinishing process you can reduce the cost and time of remodelling significantly.

Q:  What is Slip Protection for Bottoms?

We apply slip protection in any colour or in undetectable finishes. For home, motel/hotel rentals, institutions, seniors, and anywhere a tub or shower exists. No more need for mats that collect mildew, or can suddenly slip because you leaned the wrong way.

Q:  What is a Soft Bottom in tubs or showers?

Generally you can feel the give underfoot when you stand on the bottom. When this occurs it eventually leads to cracks or holes causing leakage. The good news is we can repair it, even if the leakage moment has arrived. After some preparation we install a custom measured and fitted fibre glass insert which seals and strengthens the bottom for life.